So American | Portugal. The Man

EMA | Milkman

Milkman sounds like some obscure, 1970’s rock song played through a CB radio, and it’s fantastic. 

It’s probably a great stripping song, too.

70 plays

Cults | You Know What I Mean

Gloriously twee, born-in-the-wrong-era indie with a vocalist who sounds like Diana Ross.

I’m sold.

Pale Black Eye from Manchester Orchestra’s album Simple Math.

After two albums, Manchester Orchestra finally lives up to it’s name with lush strings mixed into their fantastic instrumentation and their usual painfully expressive lyrics.

So whatever you want
Take whatever you need
And bite your veins
Bleed your pain
Into me

God Is An Astronaut popped up on the post-rock* scene just a short while ago, but they made a name for themselves with their spacey, cold musical landscapes and stunning instrumentation, allowing them to stand with the likes of Explosions in the Sky and This Will Destroy You.

Maybe they’ll end up giving Ireland a better musical reputation. After all, U2 has to be replaced someday. Right?

*Post-rock is a subgenre of Progressive Rock, mainly revolving around instrumentals and in most cases axing vocals entirely.

Is Autumn a genre? Because it should be. I could listen to Local Natives in the middle of summer and I’d still be thinking of red leaves and woodsmoke.

Gentle piano, quiet guitar and soft vocals. It just sounds better in the autumn chill.

With songs like the above, Chris Bathgate’s music only serves to compliment his voice, and while I usually prefer songs with big, full instrumentation that knocks you off your feet, there’s something completely irresistible about his stripped down songs. With gentle guitars and lazy strings accompanying his calm voice, it’s hard not to feel sedated listening to him. In a good way.

Bathgate started out in a heavy metal band for several years before making the jump to folk. How he made that jump I have no idea, but with the driving beats in a few of his songs you can tell he hasn’t totally let it go, and it adds a unique perspective to the usual sleepy folk. An appreciated perspective, I might add.

Ephixa will punch your eardrums then steal your bike.

Ephixa (Pronounced Eh-fix-ah) is a pretty interesting dubstep/dance/DnB artist that’s been floating around on YouTube for a while now. Among his hilarious meme remixes (Charlie Sheen and Nyan cat, to name a couple) he also does some pretty intense video game remixes. He’s graced the soundtracks to Portal, Zelda and Donkey Kong and made them into something totally unique and different from every other video game remix out there. You know, I think he might use that thing called effort.

Hooray for Earth has everything that sounds good on a cool summer night. Airy melodies, distorted synth, soft vocals and interesting-but-not-distracting lyrics. Some of their songs are sleepy, some of them feel like a shot of caffeine to the heart. Their singles are more addictive than crack (I listened to Surrounded By Your Friends a total of twelve times on the way home tonight) and some of them take a while to grow on you, but when they do they attach with a death grip and never let go.

I’ve become a little bit obsessed with this band. They have everything you need in an indie band. Something for the rainy ride home, something for your lonely naked dance party.

Following the release of their 2010 EP, Momo, they toured in supporting slots with the likes of Surfer Blood, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Architecture in Helsinki. I have a feeling they’ll have bands opening for them soon.

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